I remember an old George Carlin comedy bit about "rules" we all had to follow while growing up. The one rule I remember clearly was, "NO singing at the table during dinner!" That was not the case at one of my favorite restaurants in Abilene, Harold's Pit Bar-B-Q.

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Harold's Pit Bar-B-Q is no longer around, but the memories of Harold Christian's barbeque, his love for people, and the fact that he loved to sing are still with us. While you didn't have to sing for your supper, you did have to sing along (whether you wanted to or not).

Legendary Abilene icon Harold Christian was a man of faith, and loved people, ACU, military personnel, and smoking briskets. And he LOVED to sing. He would often walk up to your table and get you clapping and singing, as you'll see in these videos.

Harold Not Only Sang But Was The Coach And Choir Director Too!

Anytime I was in a grouchy mood or having a bad day, I would go eat at Harold's, guaranteeing that I would leave his restaurant in a better mood and with a song stuck in my head.

All the songs he sang were faith-based, and if you didn't know the words, not a problem - Harold the pit-master would shout them out at you. If you were looking for a quiet place to have lunch or dinner, Harold's would not be that place.

Singing solo from time to time, he would have everyone in awe. While he had your undivided attention, he would talk to you about diversity and how to love your fellow humans.

Another fun fact: Harold Christian was portrayed by actor Laurence Fishburne in the motion picture Under The Stadium Lights.

If you ever dined there, after watching these videos, you may find yourself craving some "Harold Time" along with those delicious smoked meats. I'll confess it now, a couple of the videos had my eyes watering remembering Harold and the good times I had in his restaurant.

Harold Christian Goes Solo As Everyone Watches in Awe

One thing that's certain, Harold Christian was revered by anyone who ever met him. Many who visited Abilene would stop by Harold's Pit Bar-B-Q because it was on their bucket list.

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