This is one of those uncomfortable conversations no one likes to have. However, it's become a popular topic amongst young people. The question here is, would you do away with a traditional coffin funeral to have a more eco-friendly burial?

Apparently, in the state of Texas, of the 6,000 people who were surveyed, 19% chose the more environmentally friendly funeral plans. Several funeral plans are very eco-friendly, according to the study.

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Traditional funeral plans typically include a casket burial or cremation. However, when it comes to being more environmentally friendly, there are at least seven options to choose from.

The most popular of plans is known as a "Green Burial". It's when a person chooses to bypass embalming and instead be buried in a biodegradable casket, allowing the human body to decompose naturally and return back to the earth with little or no impact on Mother Nature.

The list featured below is a representation of the 19% that chose environmentally friendly burial options.

  1. Green Burials 27%
  2. Natural Organic Reduction (Human Composting) 22%
  3. Tree Pod Burials 18%
  4. Memorial Reefs 14%
  5. Mushroom Suits 7%
  6. Aquamation (Alkaline Hydrolysis) 6%
  7. Space Burials 6%
    Source: Choice Mutual

What I found most interesting is the fact that there are "Aquarium Burials,"  "Mushroom Burials," and the "All Natural Organic Burial" (aka Human Composting Burial).

Anthony Martin from Choice Mutual says, "We're observing a significant shift in end-of-life preferences as people seek to leave a lasting, positive impact on the planet. These eco-friendly options offer a way to say farewell that aligns with their final footprint as green and meaningful as the life they led.”

Now that you've learned of all these burials, which one would you choose? Being that I'm a traditionalist and somewhat of a naturalist, I'm torn between the old traditional burial and the Green Burial. I will probably choose the one that costs a lot less.

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