The idea to discuss the best places to snap selfies in the Big Country originated when my son and his fiancee announced their engagement. Then it came back up two weeks ago, when I was attending another family member's wedding. They too asked the same question my son had: "Where are some good scenic places to take selfies?", and I remembered I had written an article about this several years ago.

Some incredibly awesome places in Abilene came to mind immediately. My first thought went to the buffalo-and-saddle at the corner of Grape and North 1st St.

While I took some notes of recommendations family members were making, I also decided to ask online what listeners thought were the best selfie-snapping spots in the Big Country. Below are some great ideas of places to have photos made that scream "Abilene".

Here's My List of Great Places In Abilene To Take a Selfie:

  • Jacob's Dream statue on ACU campus
  • The cows by Winters Freeway at South 14th
  • The Abilene-Buffalo Statue on Winters Freeway
  • The buffalo at North 1st & Grape Streets
  • The Abilene Zoo
  • The T & P Depot
  • The giant pink flamingo at North 1st & Pine Streets
  • The fountain by Vletas
  • The Grace Museum
  • The buffalo at Frontier Texas
  • The Enterprise Tower
  • The Paramount Abilene Theater
  • Any number of outdoor murals around town

Do you have some ideas or photos you'd like to share? Please do. We love letting everyone know where we are because Abilene is the greatest city in the universe!

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Looking for a place to take that perfect photo here are some great ideas.

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