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You know how everyone is always talking about, or joking about when the zombie apocalypse comes, or if the end of the world comes where would you go? Where would you run to with your family members to protect yourselves? After hearing it the very first time, it's been at the forefront of my mind.

First off, after growing up a Boy Scout and getting into the survival frame of mind all my adult life, I've put videos together on how to survive and how to make things that will make life easier while roughing it. That's all fine and good, however, where would one go if you have to grab your loved ones and leave a city that's gone crazy?

First off, water is a huge issue and one thing that is of the utmost importance is locating a place that has a good amount of water that can be made drinkable. So, the four places I've researched and checked out all have water.

1. The Caverns of Sonora, not only have water, but their water is underground, cold, and as pure as Heavens' rain. The caverns will help protect from the extreme Texas temperatures. The cavern walls make life underground more bearable. Lighting is another issue we will have to prepare for.

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2. Colorado Bend State Park in the Texas Panhandle near Gorman Falls. This place is a gorgeous place to hide out, especially near the Gorman Falls cove area where there are little to no homes within miles. A little word to the wise, there are also no roads to get you there either. The downside is, the winter weather can be brutal.

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3. Big Bend Ranch State Park near the Rio Grand. Yes, you'll have to get your "Life Straws" out and drink Rio Grand water. Being that Big Bend National park is so large it will be months before any zombies make it there. If it's city rioters that we're getting away from, the rioters will not like the extremely hot Texas temperatures. To keep cool take a dip in the Rio.

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4. Meredith Lake National Recreation Area near Martin Canyon or near the Sanford Dam. Either of the two places is great except during late Fall and all of Winter the Panhandle weather can be made more bearable if you prepare for extreme cold and some frozen precipitation.

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All that said, check out the above photos and how beautiful these Texas National and State parks are, and what great places to run off to for the weekend to relax. Furthermore, the videos below will help you prepare for the great Zombie Apocalypse or when all hell breaks loose.

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