Abilene is not only known for having a church on every corner, we're also known for having just as many restaurants.

We have all types of food here in this area, but a few staples that you must try before watching that Abilene city limits sign disappear in your rear view mirror.

  • Catfish

    Honestly, when I first moved here I never envisioned Abilene having catfish, much less great catfish. Let me tell you right now, there's great catfish around here.

    Heck, I've witnessed some of the biggest catfish caught in West Texas with my own eyes.

    From all you can eat catfish at Catfish Corner to the beauty and seclusion of enjoy catfish outdoors at Deutschlander Freshwater Catfish Company, you can't find better catfish than what we have here.

    Patrick Woodward/Flickr
  • Chicken Fried Steak

    Out here in West Texas, a chicken fried steak is referred to as a "chicken fry". When saying it you have to kinda let the word "fry" tail off too. Almost as if it's not a word.

    Trust me, you can order a chicken fried steak without knowing how to properly say it. Yes, every waitress in town knows what that means and can distinguish that from chicken fried chicken.

    There are few factors to weigh into a good "chicken fry", and that's the steak itself, the batter/crust, the gravy...and the size.

    Hey, this is Texas, and everything is bigger in Texas. We have quite a few places to sink your teeth into a good chicken fried steak, so try em all.

  • Bar B Que/BBQ


    Does this need explanation?

    That's like explaining why the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are the best part about the Dallas Cowboys.

    This is Texas. This is West Texas. We have a ton of Mesquite wood and cattle...and one or 2 matches. Put em all together and you have food for everyone.

    We call it bar-b-que. Heck, we spend so much time with our mouths full of bar-b-que, we had to shorten the word to BBQ.

    Might as well take up residence for at least a decade to enjoy the best BBQ in Abilene and West Texas.

  • Steak

    Like BBQ, there's nothing that flavors a good steak better than the wood used in cooking it. Hence why West Texas is the best area to get a good steak, we have Mesquite and lots of it.

    Aside from the smoke flavor and the natural flavor of the meat, you really don't need much more to season a good steak and we here in Abilene know that.

    Go anywhere else and you'll eat a steak that's way over-seasoned, not in Abilene though. We know how to cook a damn good steak.

  • Tex-Mex

    First off, let's get this straight, when I say Tex-Mex, I'm lumping in Southwest and Mexican cuisine. If you want 100% authentic Southwest cuisine, then go to New Mexico.

    If you want 100% authentic Mexican food, then go to Mexico. That's nothing negative towards the restaurants around here, that's just my opinion.

    Honestly, regardless of classification, some of the best "ethnic" food I've had was here in Abilene. From La Ranchera to Farolito's to Alfredo's to Abuelo's...it's all good!