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Yes, Grandy's is one of Abilene's favorite restaurants because of its famous country-fried steak. While we Texans tend to love our top three foods barbeque, Mexican food, and the always pleasing chicken fried steak.

While I thought it was a late April fools' joke that Grandy's was closed on a Sunday after church without any notice to me or anyone else. I wasn't worried because, since the pandemic hit, a lot of area restaurants have been having problems keeping enough staff to stay open and they are closing their doors forever.

I went back after church the following Sunday only to see what was heartbreaking to me, a handwritten sign that said "Closed." I knew it, I was certain this economy had taken its toll on yet another restaurant. My Grandy's was gone. Notice all the exterior changes over the years.

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Fast forward to July 15th when my friend David called me and said "guess where I'm sitting at, eating a chicken fried steak?" Yep, he was eating a good ole Grandy's Country-Fried Steak in Abilene, Texas.

It was open once again, and I was on my way there as soon as I finished my radio show that day. I was told by the staff that there were quite a few kitchen updates that needed to be done and that the new owners closed to get things updated.

I have been eating at Grandy's since the 1980s and nearly every Sunday I was there for (what my friends and I would call the Sunday Church buffet) Lunch. Then there's the famous Grandy's breakfasts and the middle of the week BET (bacon, egg, and tomato) sandwich for breakfast, which I believe was invented by former owner "Downtown Terry Brown."

Nonetheless, Grandy's is back, and we can now have their famous Country Fried Steak with white gravy. Now, don't go calling it a chicken-fried steak because the founders of Grandy's Walter Johnson and Rex Andrews of Dallas, Texas have always said "Grandy's is a restaurant that serves good ole country stye foods."

So eat up Abilene, because we are lucky to still have a Grandy's here. Since its inception in 1972, Grandy's has gone from the once booming 200 restaurants in 14 states to 24 restaurants in 6 states. I know what I'm having for lunch I'll meet you there.

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