Recently the world took notice of what is being calling 'fluffy cows'. Here in Texas we are a little more familiar with this 'type' of cow. These are actually show cows like you see at fairs and other 4H events.

These cows are well taken care of and are often bred for these specific types of shows. They were discovered on a Lautner Farms website; where they breed show cattle. The website is quick to mention that making the cows look like this doesn't come easy. They are washed,conditioned, blow dried, fluffed, styled and hair sprayed to make them look this 'fluffy'. It's hard work and can take upwards of 2 hours to make a cow look this soft and beautiful.

While it's not such a big deal here in Texas to see a 'fluffy' cow apparently the rest of the country is enamored with them and they are blowing up on social media sites.