Okay,  when I read this story I understood their reasoning but "gross" is really all could think of the whole time.  A scientist in South Carolina is wanting to engineer meat in a lab.   I thought to myself  "wonder if PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals NOT people eating tasting animals) was involved somehow".  Well, yes, they are contributing to the funding of this project.   So far they are about the only ones who are providing any money to this crazy idea.  NASA did, but only briefly,  The Food & Drug Administration said NO, the National Institute of Health said NO and it doesn't seem anyone else wants to be involved other than PETA.

"It will be functional, natural, designed food," Mironov said. "How do you want it to taste? You want a little bit of fat, you want pork, you want lamb? We design exactly what you want. We can design texture.


You can design texture?  Really?  Yuck!!  I just want some real beef from a COW!!!  Not the lab.  Is it just me or is this just way out there?