Okay I did it, I accompanied my wife and daughter to the Peddler show that was in Abilene Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Wow, you can find just about anything in the world at this show. I was doing as any good husband does is, following behind taking in the sights when all of a sudden my daughter the princess hits the brakes and hollers mom stop, look they've got them here, hair feathers. Please momma please, can I have at least just one hair feather put in? Hearing all this I knew I would be in for an eventful ride with these two. It was decided that the best color of feather to put in her hair was a school color purple. All the while I'm racking my brain trying to figure out why "a feather in her hair" in the first place, but then the thought hit me. What bird has feathers this color? Needless to say the feathers were bought, installed and explicit instructions on how to care for this new addendum were given. Which I might add, I once saw hippies of the 70's with similar feathers dangling from their ears, but that's for another blog.

Fudge Lady

And by the way, you wont go hungry either because it's like a carnival for all your senses. The sounds of one booth selling chimes while another sells tiny little bells each with a different name and yet another booth had aroma therapy with the sound of, the ocean, rain shower, mountain stream, spring morning with birds chirping just about any calming or soothing sound could be found. As for the sense of smell I got hungry the minute I walked in. They even let you sample the cheeses, soups, stews and wonderful fudges. I found I like the Maple fudge without nuts to be my favorite.

Pearls in the Making

I even learned how to farm pearls, well not pearls but rather the maker of the pearls, the oysters. The oysters in these farms are raised just for their pearls and not eaten. They farmer takes sand and somehow (I didn't bother to ask, cause I was still in shock that they don't eat them) places the sand inside the oyster. The sand is no longer called sand but referred to as the "irritant". The irritant is then consumed by the oyster and the pearl starts to form. Don't feel bad for the oysters as I did at first, because they live in a "controlled environment", that means they get everything they need to be comfy cozy.  I even saw how nail art is done, pretty cool stuff.  So the next time my wife asks if I'll go with her, my answer is a sound YES! I'll be the bag carrier, food sampler and smell all the different scents she wants me too. I just wished they had more guy friendly stuff there, oh sure they had a couple of camouflaged aprons and chairs there, but for the most part it was a woman's affair and I was the mule. In closing, as we left there I was stuffed, that's when my wife says, "where do you want to go eat now?" Arrrrggghh!

Apron and Booths

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