As most people in West Texas are well aware, I have eight children. From the oldest to the youngest I have always told them to be prepared for life. Which means following some simple Common Sense Rules.

I have repeatedly recited all these rules to them for decades. I have had these Common Sense Rules written down on paper and stored away in my favorite little "hiding hole". Fast forward to today, when my wife found my list of rules (in the hiding hole).

My dear wife asked "what are these", and followed it up with her own answer. "Seriously, you wrote down your Common Sense Rules? Why?" My reply was,  "Common sense tells us that there may be a time in life where one might forget a thing or two! Enough said."

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I thought the kids (and myself included) might need a refresher course from time to time. When my youngest daughter recently moved out, she needed a refresher in a big way, especially when it came to outfitting her new dwelling.

While the actual list is a page long, these are my top five that the youngest Fernandez needed to know. I also asked our listeners to share their thoughts on the radio and Facebook. Their responses are listed below as well.

The Fearless Fave Five Common Sense Rules Texans Should Never Break:

  1. Buy a toilet plunger long before you need a plunger!
  2. Always put the toilet seat down and re-spool when empty!
  3. Turn off the lights when you leave - the electricity costs too much!
  4. Put it back where you got it from when you're finished with it!
  5. If you borrow someone’s truck/car, fill it up before you return it!

Here's what some of our listeners shared:

  • Melissa Jones - Carry a quarter, dime, nickel and penny, and you'll always have your common cents, as my Granny always told my cousin😀
  • Levario Jessie - Don’t eat the yellow snow
  • Johnnie French - “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.”
  • Shasta Wall - Close a drawer after you open it
  • Michelle Dale - Travel on the right. On the highway, the street, the grocery store aisle. Except for pedestrians.
  • Deanna Krach - Manners

For the record, the Fearless Fave Common Sense Rules are NOT breakable in my home, ever.

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