Shania Twain joined Michael Buble via Skype from Switzerland to record her lyrics for a version of ‘White Christmas’ that will appear on his ‘Christmas’ album, due out on October 24. In the preview video below, one sees how the two Canadian superstars made the long distance duet work while get a sneak peak at what the final song will sound like.

Last summer, Buble promised a “bouncy” version of the song with Twain, and the final cut lives up to that billing. His album will include a number of other standards. “I wanted to make the quintessential Christmas record,” he said in a video chat. “I wanted to make a record that would outlive me, and I wanted to do for people what Bing Crosby did for me. He introduced me to the world of jazz and melody.”

“I remember watching the ‘Home Alone’ movie and hearing, I think it was the Drifters going, ‘Ba do ba doo bop bop.’”

Twain sings in a baby doll style during much of the preview. It’s a cutesy sound fans haven’t heard much of from the country singer. “I think we sort of gave it a fresh new take, and I think people will really enjoy it,” Buble says.

Watch Michael Buble and Shania Twain’s ‘White Christmas’ Preview