A few weeks ago my friend who works at the Better Business Bureau Abilene reached out to share information about a new kind of scam going on. It's called "typosquatter". While I had never heard that word before, as I read on I realized I was recently almost duped by one of these typosquatter scams.

Here's how they work: you'll get an email from a company that looks very familiar. They will use the name of a well-known company that conducts business on the internet and is known for regular promotions. Let's use Best Buy as an example. Best Buy's real website is www.bestbuy.com. A typosquatter will use a slightly different website like www.best.buy.com or www.besbuy.com to baffle the potential shopper, and then try to sell you a product that either doesn't exist or is cheaply made at a bargain basement price.

The Attorney General of Texas has posted a list of the top 11 most commonly used scams in Texas. To keep yourself safe it's a good idea to learn how to spot a scam, avoid it, and then report it. Texans lose millions if not billions of dollars every year to scammers online. I hope this helps you protect yourself.

If you need help or need to report something, contact the Better Business Bureau in Abilene, their scam reporting website, or the Texas Attorney General's office website.

 The top 11 most convincing scams taking place in Texas

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