Whenever we look at anything concerning Ducktales Remastered, we can't help but give an obligatory audible "Whoo-ooo!" It's like some kind of weird Pavlovian response. Now that a PC version might be in the works, you PC gamers might follow suit!

A thread on the Ask Capcom section of the Capcom-Unity forum discusses the possibility of Ducktales Remastered being released on the PC. The remake of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game has already been announced for release on the Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Network, and Xbox LIVE Arcade, but not mention of a PC version was made.

But now Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President at Capcom, has replied to the question of the possibility of a PC release and said, "Working on it. When I can confirm it, I will do so but for now, hang tight."

It may not be a confirmation, but at least there's the very real chance that it could happen!

Would you want to see Ducktales Remastered on PC? Let us know in the comments!

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