Capcom shocked the world at PAX East when it announced Ducktales Remastered for XBLA, PSN, and Wii U.

Coming completely out of left field, the announcement nobody expected, anticipated, or even thought would happen happened. Capcom is releasing a high-definition remake of the classic platformer Ducktales.

Every bit of animation has been hand-drawn, as have the newly redone backgrounds and environments. To make things even better, Capcom said some of the original voice talent from the animated show would return for this remaster. The soundtrack (with one of the catchiest theme songs of all time), will also see some new twists.

There will be a new tutorial level included, and what Capcom calls Scrooge McDuck's Museum, where players will be able to compare their stats with others around the world. Ducktales Remastered is being developed by Way Forward, and is expected to arrive later this summer for $15 (1200MSP).

We dare you to not sing along with the trailer below. Wanna see some screenshots too? Click here!

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