It seems that the second you say those four little words at the table "I'm Having A Salad" your are transformed into a "I'm eating healthy guru", right? Nothing can be further from the truth. It's no secret I'm been dieting since the second year after I married my wife. Let state for the record Donna can cook! That's my first problem, my second is I can eat and finally just when I think I'm eating healthy and slimming down, along comes this article at on how salads can make me fat. Is this for real?

I also just learned that restaurant salads with dressing can have as many as 1,000 calories or more. It's a salad for crying out-loud! How can a bunch of lettuce, tomatoes and carrot slivers make the scale in my bathroom look like a Ferrari and go from zero to 275 in two seconds flat? Simple it's all the added extras like a few almond slivers, croutons, boiled eggs, sun-flower seeds, raisin's, cranberry's, ham bits, rich dressing and even some of the honey roasted pecans you get from that mall store.  Find out more from

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