Amidst a lot of controversy and negative publicity from the media on the heels of her now public announcement that she, Taylor Swift will be endorsing 'Diet Coke.' As Swift says in the video "we're actually making it official with one of the great loves of my life, Diet Coke." So, what's the big deal? According to some, "America is in an obesity epidemic" and sodas are the children's enemy. Laurie David a writer for the Huffington Post says "not only are we in an obesity epidemic but a diabetes epidemic as well." Taylor says the partnership is going to include "some great things on this tour."

While an announcement like this is 'normally' good news for an artist, it appears that Miss Swift is being criticized for her involvement with the soda manufacturer, simply because it's mostly kids that by her music and/or products. No word yet as to how much money this means to the country music superstar, but as one of the top earners in the entertainment business it's got to be a pretty penny. If Beyonce's 50 million dollar deal with Pepsi is any indicator of what popular singers are making on endorsement deals, I'll bet no amount of criticism from the media or the public will get Miss Swift away from "one of the great loves in her life."

This is the 'private fan video' Taylor sent to her fans.

The Taylor Swift Diet Coke News Story


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