A while ago, I wrote a blog about New Year's Resolution ideas. As the start of 2013 came and went, I came to the realization that, while I offered some suggestions that I believe are pretty good, I hadn't actually chosen one of my own. So, I decided to put a resolution that I've been holding on to for years to task: learning to play a musical instrument. Guitar, to be specific.

I shopped around and settled on purchasing a Fender CD-60 CE acoustic electric guitar. I was told it is a great guitar for the price (around $250). I liked the price, because it's a significant enough amount to motivate me to actually learn to play it!

Long story short, I was practicing the three chords I learned by watching a YouTube video the other day, and was ambushed by my 13-year old, Nathan.

I have to admit, I was embarrassed. You see, I don't know if you noticed, but I currently suck at guitar, and the thought of this video being seen by anyone made me queasy. But after I settled down, I realized some of the benefits to posting this horrible video on the internet. First, I'm showing my kids not to be afraid to make a fool of themselves (okay, I do that a lot). But I also figured that, as long as I keep practicing, I can look back on my strumming G, D and E minor repeatedly and marvel at the progress I've made. Maybe. Hopefully.

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