As rain become overly abundant in the east, Texas remains in a major drought with wildfires burning out of control. This begs the question: What about cloud seeding?

What exactly is cloud seeding and how can it help us?

Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification. An airplane flies into a developing storm cloud and releases chemicals,usually silver iodide. This release of chemicals prompts development of heavy water particles that will eventually become heavy enough to drop from the clouds as rainfall.

This has been used for quite some time but funding had become a problem declining since the 70's, (it can cost upward of $20 million)now the Rain Enhancement Association is working to provide more cloud seeding. Cloud seeding can produce 10-15% more rain than naturally exists in a storm cloud.

Stephanie Beall, Project Meteorologist with the Rain Enhancement Association explains a little more about cloud seeding and it's benefits in the following video.

In a year like this when clouds are few and far between and drought is everywhere I think cloud seeding is definitely something we should be looking at more seriously.

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