Sitting there relaxing in my old tank top, gym shorts and flip-flops, when someone starts beating on my front door. Not recognizing the lady at my front door I asked calmly and politely, may I help you? She says, "your house is about to catch fire!", after seeing the look of disbelief she continued "the grass and trees in your back yard are on fire!" I finally got the message, this lady was not kidding me. As I step out to check on this "so called fire", OH! part of my back yard is on fire and it's working it's way to my house. I ran in changed clothes and got everyone ready to evacuate should it be necessary. All the while trying to stay calm while talking to the 911 operator. They are on the way said 911's operator.

By this time I'm running into my back yard trying to remember where I left the new water hose I bought two weeks ago and thing to myself "do I have enough hose to reach out to the back part of the property?" By this time a sight for sore eyes quickly appeared it's my heroes, the Abilene Fire Department. The AFD boys were quick to jump on the fire and assess what started the fire while a several of the guys worked on the blaze, a couple of others asked if I knew what might have started it.

After a quick assessment the lieutenant spotted a downed power line. "It must have been down for some time" said the lieutenant. I knew then my house was going to be spared and that the Abilene Fire Department was taking care of me and my neighbors. I was so appreciative I ran in pulled out nearly a dozen bottles of ice cold water and took it to them while they continued to knock out the remaining embers.

AEP guy arriving
photo by: Rudy F.

An A.E.P. guy shows up and killed all the power to the downed fire starting power line. His work now seemed somewhat "anticlimactic". He wraps electrical tape on the loose power line, rehangs it and leaves. In the mean time I'm left in my back dining room watching out of my big picture window to see if any more embers start lighting things up again.

So much for a quiet Sunday reading the good book drinking some of Donna's sun-tea and taking it easy.

Now I'm left wondering "who was that lady that banged on my door and what would have happened if nobody cared or ever alerted me to the (in my mind huge range fire) little flame that could".

Thank you lady in the white truck. Thank you Abilene Fire Department. thank you God for not letting everything I've worked so hard for go up in flames.

Which brings me to my final thought. It's dry out there y'all keep an eye out for smoke, because like Earl Thomas Conley once sang "Where There"s Smoke There's Fire."



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