When the holidays roll around so does that feeling of "do I really want to decorate a tree?" I mean, it's only going to be up for about a month and then I've got to take it all down, buy a couple of plastic crates to replace the cardboard boxes that everything came in that I destroyed and then put them away with the decorations from years past. So now I've made it a point to research the internet for easy decorating tips, if there's a short cut or an easier way to do things I am all for it. From time to time I find several videos that are informative and helpful. This one makes sense because the basic white lights, green Christmas tree can go any direction when decorating, whether I go elegant, whimsical, fun or simple.
I wrote a couple of blogs about a month ago one on, "Decorating Ideas For Christmas" and the other on "The Best Places To Buy A Christmas Tree," while the blogs included a lot of information on what stores had what, the blogs also had the different types of trees that are available and most importantly the few retail outlets in Abilene that offer a full service sales, set-up and take-down thus ending those anxiety feelings I get from trying to figure out how I should decorate and then the pressures of when to take them down. Lucky for me the lights I left on my house from last year are now in fashion in my neighborhood again.


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