While I was out looking for "The Best Place To Buy A Christmas Tree," I ran across a lot of beautiful Christmas decorations. I got a little carried away as my camera just kept on clicking picture after picture, before I knew it I had a lot of photos of some incredible Holiday decorations. I came to a conclusion, "West Texas has so many different avenues for Christmas decorating" Check these out.

Here's what I experienced while looking for The Best Place To Buy A Christmas Tree. I ran across some decorations that sent me down memory lane. You know when grandpa helped me and dad put up the lights and grandpa talked to dad like dad talks to me. When I saw that silver aluminum Christmas Tree with the old color wheel on display I became so overwhelmed with emotion because it reminds me so much of my mom (she so dearly loved that old tree and dad hated it). I knew I had to share these Christmas finds with you. Check out some of the beautiful and festive decorations I found at several locations right here in Abilene. The places where you'll find a lot of these are as follows:

When it comes to whats hot this year, I found that LED lights is the most sought after item. LED lights are brighter and cost about 80% less to operate. Next in popularity is the "Snowing Christmas Tree" but get ready to lay down some cash for that holiday jewel, they run about $400. Finally it's all about the little Christmas trees in small decorative pots, most are wired with lights and about half the "Deco-Potted" artificial trees already came fully decorated.

Trees with lights, trees already decorated, trees that are "open and show" right out of the box. Have we forgotten what it's like to go pick out the tree and dig out all those old family hand-me-down Christmas ornaments or the family heirloom decorations? Are we too lazy to do what our parents and grandparents did when it came to the "family Christmas Tree"? What do you think? Is Christmas too commercialized and over rated? Should we do away with Christmas?

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