As the holidays approach, Chely Wright is thinking about Christmases gone by. The memories have a new, all-original holiday EP called Santa Will Find You.

"I grew up in a small town in Kansas and we either spent Christmas morning at our house or at my Aunt Char’s house or in Arizona at my grandparents’ house," Wright recalls in a press release about the new EP. "We would wake up on Christmas morning and it was as magical as you would hope it is."

Wright has wrapped the happy feeling into songs like "Happy New Year, Old Friend," "Can’t Believe It’s Christmas" and the leadoff cut "(It Really Is) A Wonderful Life." The EP contains six tracks in all.

"I hope this music becomes part of a new emotional landscape for listeners," she adds. "And that made me revisit why I wanted to make this record, and I was contemplative about my holiday memories."

Painted Red Music Group
Painted Red Music Group

The album won’t be released until Oct. 26, but a special person in Wright's life has already heard it, and she fell in love with it, too.

"My adorable wife," Lauren Blitzer writes on her Twitter page alongside a picture of the cover art of her wife's EP, which showcases Wright as a youngster. "Seriously, this might be your next favorite Christmas album, and you won't know one song on it, because they are ALL originals!"

Wright is just one of a number of country artists who already have the holidays on their mind. Both Martina McBride and Aaron Watson are releasing new holiday albums, and Brett Eldredge will share a deluxe version of his Glow holiday album this fall.

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