It's never anyone's dream to be a one-hit wonder -- but it happens fairly frequently: Although you remember the song itself (and all of the lyrics ...), you're left scratching your head on who the artist singing it is.

Do you remember the song "Who I Am" from 2000? Probably -- but do you remember who sang it? That would be an artist named Jessica Andrews. The hit was her only No. 1 song, and it helped her win Top New Female Vocalist at the ACM Awards.

How about pop singer Michelle Branch and her duo the Wreckers? They had a hit with "Leave the Pieces," a song that broke records, sold over one million copies and was nominated for a Grammy -- but less than two years later, the Wreckers split to focus on their solo careers.

James Otto, Ty England, Chely Wright and more have experienced the thrill of a big country hit -- and the letdown of not getting another one. We're hoping that, one day, we'll be able to cross some of the artists in this video off of the one-hit wonder list, but for now, press play to see how many of country's most unforgettable one-hit wonders you remember.

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