Now When I'm talking "cheapest" places to eat I want it to be clear I mean "inexpensive". I've got to set up some ground rules, here's why my wife, Donna & I eat for cheap and we have found some awesome places right here in Abilene & the Big Country.


Larry's Better Burger takes the #1 spot on my list because he's really never raised the prices "much", since the 60's. You can still get the 4 burger for $6.95 family value deal.

A full size burger all the way for $1.95 and fries are $1.35 and a drink is $1.00 more. I was able to feed me, my wife, two daughters and a grand-daughter all for under $15. Now if that ain't one of Abilene's top 10 cheapest places to eat, I don't know what is. By the way, forget you debit or credit cards or checks, they only take cash.


McDonald's, although the burgers are nowhere near the same as a Larry's Better Burger the plain ole dollar menu McDouble cheese burger and other "$1 Menu" items make the list because of price only.

3. & 4.

You pick, Taco Bueno or Taco Bell. Again the dollar menu and/or party tacos and burritos get in on price alone. I remember when I moved away to Kansas I had to drive 21 miles on the Kansas turnpike just to get my Taco Bueno fix.

Now let's transition to the restaurant style of eating out on the cheap. the next two make it because, well lets face it breakfast foods are always inexpensive. Which reminds me what I taught my boys, before they ever entered the corporate world. I would advise them "when it comes to buying lunch and or dinner always suggest meeting early and do breakfast before we get to the office and I'll buy". Then let the other schmucks spring for lunch or dinner because they're traditionally more expensive anyway.


The Dixie Pig Hands down,  at 1401 Butternut and an Abilene landmark for over 70 years. The city of Abilene's Landmarks Commission decided unanimously to add the Dixie Pig to the city's historic register.

If you have never eaten at the Dixie Pig then you ain't a West-Texan.  I'll let the menu  gallery pictures speak for themselves on price and it's good food too.

6. & 7.

IHOP and Denny's, both of which are national chains and feature a wide variety menu, but then again they make it onto the cheap list because of their frugal  breakfast offerings. IHOP's Rooty Tooty and Denny's Grand-Slam are a cheapskate's dream come true coming in under $5 each.


The Cotton Patch Really? Yep, Abilene's Cotton Patch owners know that the recent recession has left many households strapped for cash, so they decided to offer a different "value special of the day". It's either their famous Chicken Fry for $6.99, beef tips and rice, chicken and dumplings, baked chicken and dressing or two premium gourmet burgers for $11 which will have a couple dining for under $15 for two not including gratuity. You might call ahead for that days special and here's the number 325-691-0509.


Monterrey Mexican Restaurant at North 10th and Willis is a "mom and Pop" owned restaurant, but now it's Jr. running the place while his wife and sisters serve and clean. This is truly a well kept secret in West-Texas. Menu prices are more than reasonable, why a couple could eat and spend less than $15 drinks included.


Texas or Logan's Road House Both feature the frugal friendly menu although you'll have to be timely at both places. It seems as if though the suits at the "Road House" do not want Mr. & Mrs. Cheaper in after 6 PM. The cheap menu is from 4pm - 6pm and includes chicken fry, 6oz. sirloin, grilled chicken salad and so much more two can eat for under $20.

Good Eating Y'all.

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