Cee Lo Green has some great music and a lot of people showed up to see his performance at Coachella but his performance was cut short in two ways.  First Cee Lo was late to the stage by about 20 minutes.  He made a lame apology that included a jab at the organizers, for not giving him a better time slot.  That didn't set well with fans or organizers.  The fans, many of them, walked out.  As for the concert organizers, they pulled the plug.  Literally.  He was five songs into his set and they cut off his mic.  He stormed of stage at that point.

I think sometimes these "stars" forget whose hard earned money got them that mansion, cars, jewelry, clothes..etc.  They wouldn't be happy if we didn't show up for those concerts.  Miley Cyrus has decided that America isn't embracing her right now so she will only tour Europe and Australia where she is getting the most "love".  I say fine by me.  Don't blame everyone else because you messed up.  Show up to your shows on time and give fans who use their hard earned money to come see you.  And stop whining that we don't "love" you!!