Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green are “coworkers” on ‘The Voice,’ as they both serve as coaches on the reality competition show, which will kick off its second season on Feb. 5. It’s only logical and practical to think that the odd couple would take another step in their professional relationship and work on a song together. Turns out they are doing just that.

In a promo teaser for the new season, Shelton says, “I think it would surprise you how good it would sound, me and Cee Lo together. In fact, we’re working on a song together. True story.” Shelton also said it would be “so cool” to collaborate with the ‘Forget You’ singer. Cee Lo backed Shelton up, saying, “Yeah, I have a song I’m trying to get Blake on right now as we speak. I’m supposed to go into the studio sometime soon.”

We can’t wait to hear what these two come up with.

Fellow coach Adam Levine nodded to Shelton’s prowess as a singer, grumbling, “I sang that ‘Honey Bee’ all summer. It’s stuck in my head like a disease. Thanks a lot for that one, Blake. Son of a b—-.”

Even Shelton’s wife Miranda Lambert might get in on ‘The Voice’ collaborations since she is an extended member of the family. Sole female coach Christina Aguilera said “that the possibility of a collaboration is always in the works” when it comes to her castmates and also said she’d love to work with Shelton’s wife. She admitted, “And Blake’s wife Miranda. We were talking about collaborating, as well.”

That’d be quite a divalicious song!

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