Carrie Underwood recently sat down to talk about her latest single entitled 'Two Black Cadillacs.' While the song and the video trailer take on a very dark side. Carrie talks about how two women are done wrong by one man, and if you've already guessed what happens to the guy, you're more than likely right. 

Underwood says "the song/video is mysterious, dark and stormy and the first time the two women meet is at the funeral."  Fans are anticipating the release of the finished video in it's entirety in January 2013. I hope Carrie isn't giving women ideas, because it sounds like a couple of stories I've heard Nancy Grace talk about on television. Two Black Cadillacs is already on the country music charts. Check out both the trailer and the Underwood interview.

This is the video where Carrie Underwood tells how the song came about.

This is the trailer for Carrie Underwood's 'Two Black Cadillacs' music Video