Is Carolyn Dawn Johnson a one hit wonder. She says she doesn't want to be. That is why she's released a new album.

Miss Johnson goes on to say "the music industry is much like my first hit song, Complicated to say the least". She feels as if she (being from Canada) came out of nowhere to the top of the charts then just disappeared from the music scene for the last four years, because her next two albums didn't produce any "marketable" chart singles.

“In some ways, it didn’t feel like a long time away,” she says. “But in the music business, four years is a long, long time, and I started feeling like, ‘I’m going to need to get back out there if I’m going to have any place in this world.”

source: The Tennessean

Johnson's new album "Love Rules" is already getting some attention, including me thus the reason for this blog.

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