I can't get the jingle out of my head, it goes  "Call on Black Plumbing Help is on the way"...OK so I get home and the three women and two toddlers I live with, were all frowning and in ONE FOWL MOOD! It seems the Fernandez household had a stopped up kitchen sink. Darren Black to the rescue...Just like last week at the radio station. One major bathroom problem.

So Michael shows up at 8 O'clock & jumps up on the roof faster than Santa Claus. with a tool kit about the size of the fat mans bag. Only Black Plumbings bag holds the secret to bringing back smiles and returning my wife to her normal and sunny disposition. I can install just about anything...I just don't understand plumbing. on to the internet to learn the "Basics 101 on How to unplug a drain".

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