Brenden Baker just turned 13 years old but, unlike most teens, he didn't ask for presents this year. Instead, Brenden has asked friends and family to donate to Children's Miracle Network.

Many of you may know Brenden, as he is a CMN kid himself, he has a rare form of dwarfism known as Desbuquois syndrome. Brenden is just over 27 inches tall and weighs around 24 pounds. Most of that is all heart!

Brenden's birthday was December 31st and he decided he didn't want presents this year; but instead wanted to raise money for CMN. Setting up a gofundme page to take donations, his initial goal was $3000. His goal keeps changing though, because people keep opening their hearts and wallets to donate. To date he has raised almost $6500.

His story has gone viral having been featured by ABC news and a cute video of him dancing making the rounds on Facebook.

I'm sure it would put a great big smile on Brenden's face if you could make a donation too. Let's help him raise as much money as possible before his March 5th deadline.

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