Billy Ray Cyrus' new grandchild is an absolute cutie. The country singer shared a photo of him admiring a sleeping Bear Chance Cyrus, with the little boy looking just as content as you could possibly imagine.

"Papaw Cyrus holding Bear Chance Cyrus," the singer captions in a photo shared on Wednesday (June 30). "Or.... is He holding me? Probably both are accurate assessments!!! Thanking God for all my blessings."

Baby Bear is the son of Braison Cyrus, the singer's second son with wife Tish. The 27-year-old married Stella McBride Cyrus in late 2019 and announced the birth of their boy in early June, noting that he was born on June 8.

Billy Ray Cyrus' first grandchild looks to be well doted on by both of his grandparents. In a photo shared two weeks after his birth, Tish says, "The amount of love I feel for this beautiful boy is immeasurable ... after losing my Mom in Aug I felt a deep dark sadness that I thought may never go away. But somehow, when I hold this precious boy in my arms, there is no way for me to be sad and I am at peace. I truly believe he is my Moms gift to me. I know she can feel the light that this sweet boy has brought into my life and she is smiling."

In total, Billy Ray is a father to six kids, two of whom Tish brought into their marriage and he adopted, and one that he fathered with another woman around the same time he and Tish conceived Miley Cyrus. That son was raised by his mother and stepfather in South Carolina.

The photo of Bear on Billy Ray's Instagram page was the first time he shared the two-week-old's face, but Braison has shared a few humorous pictures on his page.

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