I love riding my bike, leisurely,... on a wide street. I believe that bike rides should be slow, relaxing rides to take in the scenery and not white knuckle thrill rides. These three guys are absolutely crazy for riding their bikes on this narrow path along a cliff. To top it all off they videoed the whole thing. Check out their video.

Now I've been on some hikes where the path was rather narrow, but if you slipped you could grab the nearest tree branch and be alright. I've never ridden a bike on such a narrow path however.

These three guys I believe are very brave and very stupid at the same time. They are also amazing bike riders. The last rider wears a helmet cam to capture them on the trail. They are on a very narrow trail on the side of a cliff that has sharp turns and long drop offs. Check out how high up they get and watch at the end of the video when they run across some folks that are walking the same trail they are riding, the walkers look at them like they are "crazy"!

I guess every adrenaline junkie has their own adventure.