I think I can safely say that most of us are addicted to Facebook and have our favorite pages we check out daily. Maybe it's your favorite friends page or you're looking for entertainment, restaurants, sports events or news. I'll share a few of my favorites with you. These are my "go-to" pages when I need local information.

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    KEAN 105

    Our Facebook has a ton of information on it, from contests to concerts to great news stories and blogs. We tell you what live broadcasts are going on during the week and weekend. Up coming concerts like The Outlaws and Legends or Rehab Telethon shows. Cruise night and Rudy cruise information. Local contests and ticket give-a-ways. Of course you don't want to miss out on our daily blog posts either. Lots of great information can be found just by checking out our station Facebook pages.

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    High School/College

    We have great schools in our area. Sports and activities are huge in the fall especially so I checked and most schools are on Facebook. They are called "fan" pages and you can find information on upcoming meetings, fundraisers, sports events, and more. See what's going on in your community by visiting your child's school Facebook site. Sometimes those notes from school get lost on the walk home! As for the colleges, kids are sometimes far from home and this is a great way for parents to check out what's going on with the school. Again you can find sports information, upcoming events, homecoming information,and also alumni information.There are groups and pages dedicated to specific HS or University events or organizations but these are the main pages to find further information.

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    There are restaurants in town that offer deals in their restaurants through their Facebook pages. For example Chick-fil-A teams with area organizations to help raise money and awareness. They team with high schools throughout the year to help with fundraising and of course offer their own great deals, like their most recent Daddy/Daughter Date Night. Taco Casa likes to give our local college students a little price break by offering student discounts that you can find out about on their page. Actually they offer great discounts to all of us but they do college specials too. Red Robin offers Facebook contests that you can get in on to win free food and other give-a-ways! Who doesn't like free food?

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    There are some great little retail shops in town that always offer great discounts and lots of social networking. The Arrangement has both beautiful fresh flower arrangements with delivery service but also offers great funky, retro clothes and accessories. Make sure you check-in on your mobile device when you go and you might get a little something extra. The Junk Warehouse always offers great deals on beads and findings to make your own jewelry, usually 50% off. They also offer school spirit accessories along with some specialty clothing, purses, and even home decor. Ya Ya Gurlz is a boutique that has fun, funky clothes, accessories and decor. They have a more blingy cowgirl look, big chunky jewelry and they carry the gypsy soule line as well. All of these sites are great about posting photos of their latest stock so you can actually shop before you get to the store.

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    There are lots of things to do in Abilene and lots of ways to find out what's going on about town. The Warehouse is a beautiful more upscale martini bar in downtown Abilene. They feature great live, local music as well. They are always throwing a party down there and you're invited. The Warehouse is also available for private parties as well. Now if you want to get your boot-scootin' on there are a couple of places to check out. The Lucky Mule Saloon and Guitars & Cadillacs. The Lucky Mule also offers live rock shows and live Texas music as well. Guitars & Cadillacs has the largest dance floor in Abilene plus and outside bar. They both post their upcoming events and drink specials. If you are looking for more family oriented fun then I suggest checking out Prime Time Family Entertainment Center. They have everything from batting cages, mini-golf, bowling a game room and even laser tag. Plus you can reserve rooms for meetings or themed rooms for birthday parties or any party.

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    All of our local television stations have Facebook pages and fan pages for their on-air personalities. They cover it all from breaking news to great stories you might have missed. There is local, national, sports news and weather information and also news on television shows that run on their network. For day to day quick updates of news when you aren't sitting in front of the television these news pages are great to keep you up on the latest.

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    Abilenee Swap Meet

    Abilenee Swap Meet is a place where you can buy and sell things you own or want to own. You can place your goods like a dresser, car part, games or whatever it might be (with the exception of clothes and shoes, that's a separate site) for sale. You can ask for a price or BO (best offer) someone will buy, I promise. Just the opposite of that if there is something you are needing you will be sure to find it on this site. One word of warning though, this site is addictive. You will find yourself scrolling through looking at/for stuff you don't even need!!

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