I was dancing in the control room one day and Dave says, politely, "please stop whatever it is you're doing". See Dave isn't up on the latest dance craze "Gangnam Style" as it's called. What? You don't know what "Gangnam Style" is either? Well then, read on and watch.

The dance craze was made popular by Psy, a Korean rapper who invented the dance. It reminds me of what we used to call the "pony" back in my day. He's had over 1 Billion hits on his YouTube video and everyone is doing the dance.

He made his American debut on the MTV-VMA's. The video has rocketed to #1 on the iTunes video chart, surpassing Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

The man behind the craze is Korean, Jae Sang Park or"Psy" as he's known. So what exactly is Gangnam? Psy says it's a neighborhood in Korea, very wealthy, much like Beverly Hills here in the states.

This may or may not be a one hit wonder for Psy as he's just signed a contract with Justin Bieber's management company. If they can make Bieber a star then Psy will be around for a while!

I pulled up the "official" video of Psy and Gangnam Style to show Dave. He just shook his head. Then I got this idea of doing our own video of the dance.

So I went to get my partner in crime Staci to help me out, I wanted to make a video.  She said "oh, heck no" so I go to my other crime partner Kim to get her to join me her answer too was a big "NO". Seems they have too much work to do (roll eyes here). Then I asked Christine, our receptionist. Guess what her answer was? Finally I went to Chaz (from our sister station Rock 108) and Dave...they owe me so they had to participate.

Chaz was more clueless than Dave, I would need to teach them the moves before we could make a video (this should be fun). Well, what I found is that boys have NO coordination what-so-ever. This was a bad idea. However, it was humorous so I'll share it with you anyway.

You can check out Psy's original, professional video but I have to say he has nothing on mine!

Now for the best video ever!!