What is the one side dish that can take an amazing-tasting hamburger and ruin it? I firmly believe without hesitation it's the French fries. They had better be good and they had better be hot.

The conversation started last week with one of my co-workers and her daughter. "Who has the best fries in the Big Country?" Everyone within earshot chimed in with their opinions.

Then my coworker's daughter challenged me. Why don't you ask your listeners about it on your "Fearless Fernandez Cray Cray Question of the Day Day"?  So I did, and the answers ranged from Larry's to Lucy's.

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Then on-air I asked the question, "What about sweet potato fries?" And the answers were very precise - you either love them or you hate them. For the record I love sweet potato fries; they're my favorites.

As I went around town testing and tasting fries, one restaurant owner shared with me his secret as to why his fries are never wilted or limp. It's all on what time of year the potatoes are harvested and where they are grown. Most potatoes are grown in the upper US and Canada.

This restaurant owner buys his potatoes from an area closer to the southern US, and he claims his fries have a much lower sugar content in them. Thus making his fries "crispier!" He went on to say that he pays $10 more per crate for the fries his restaurant uses.

Here are my Fave Five Fries:

  1. Lucy's Big Burgers (I love their sweet potato fries)
  2. Larry's Better Burger (I eat them on the way home, my wife drives)
  3. Heff's Burger & Bar (sit down and relax with sweet tea)
  4. Chelsea's Burgers N' Brew (the wife loves watching the football games)
  5. Rick & Carolyn's Burger & Fries (I love their waffle fries)
Photo by: Rudy Fearless Fernandez
Photo by: Rudy Fearless Fernandez

Our Listeners' Top Fifteen Fave Fries on Facebook:

  • Angie F. votes Wingstop fries are best
  • Jana K. says the Johnny Fries at Rockn Rollerz are scrumptious
  • Randy R. says the Aggie Fries at the WTXFair are awesome
  • Shasta N. loves those Wingstop fries
  • Jennifer C. is convinced Winchester Pub & Grill is tops
  • Avi D. is sold on Chickie & Pete's in Philadelphia
  • Steph C. says IHOP Fries are the tastiest
  • Melody P. loves Larry's Better Burger fries
  • Donna D. says Rick & Carolyn's fries are freaking awesome
  • Pattie B. is raving about Red Robin fries
  • Mark S. says fries at the Flaming Grill are freakin' awesome
  • Bryce C. says the Wingstop fries are delish
  • Pat B. claims Larry's Better Burgers is the beast on fries
  • Page K. is another vote for Wingstop fries
  • Layy C. says Lucy's Big Burger fries are mouth-watering

These are the Top 6 Most Used Potatoes for making fries:

  1. Russet Burbank
  2. Russet Norkotah
  3. Ranger Russet
  4. Umatilla Russet
  5. Frito-Lay varieties
  6. Norland
    Source: Potato-pro.com

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