Valentine's Day is upon us, and even though the day is mostly for the ladies, guys like to get stuff too. Here's a list of what guys really want.

  • Bottle of Booze

    Yes ladies, a bottle of booze will light your man’s face like the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

    Whether it’s a bottle of Jagermeister, wine, champagne, or 10 year old Scotch, your man will enjoy the thought you put into such an awesome present. And, chances are, he’ll even share it with you.


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  • Full Body Massage

    There are not many things that are better than getting a good rubdown. Some might even say massages are better than sex.

    Whether it’s a full body, or just a simple back massage, you’ll have your man purring like a kitten with this simple gesture.

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  • Electronics, Tools and Gadgets

    All men love their electronics, tools, and gadgets. Whether it's a video game he's been wanting, or some power drill he's been bugging you about, you can't go wrong here.



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  • Love Coupons

    My wife did this for me a few years back. Just make up little coupons that say things like 'Back Rub', 'Pick Any TV Show or Movie' or any number of things.

    You can even get a little adventurous if you'd like and put some things on there that are a little more risque if you know what I mean. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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  • Home Cooked Meal

    It's no secret that the way to a man's heart is food. So, serve up something nice for the dude in your life by cooking up a big ole juicy steak.

    Heck, we don’t even need candles or anything like that. Just some grub, the remote control and massage will go a long way.

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  • A Day of Nothing

    Guys are naturally lazy so it makes sense that a day of nothing would be a good Valentine's gift.

    No phones, schedules, kids, or chores! Just some one on one time to kick back and enjoy each other.

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  • Favorite Sports Team's Gear

    If your man is in to sports, getting him some new team gear is a no brainer.

    You can get his favorite team logo engraved on something like a money clip or maybe even his favorite tool.

    Here's a list of places in Abilene to get hooked up with some sports gear.

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