The Abilene Ruff Riders kick off their first home game this Saturday night March 31st, at the Taylor county coliseum at 7pm. With the start of the new season comes with it, a new promotion on the morning show with me and my partner Pete Beretta. Listen for the KEAN-105 'touch tones' on the Thursday's prior to a home game to win the "Rudy's Rowdy Ruff Riders" prize package.
The prize package includes, eight tickets in the special "Rudy's Rowdy Ruff Riders" section, and the kids that win get a Ruff Riders rally towel and soft sided Ruff Riders back pack. The game this Saturday will feature the 'tailgate party' that starts at 5pm, coliseum doors open at 6pm with the actual kick off time set for 7:05pm. Remember to listen to the morning show with me and Pete for the tones to win on Thursday's prior to a Saturday home games.
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