With all that is going on all weekend long I had a real dilemma. What to do this weekend? I've been invited to participate in several activities like, barbecue at the lake with friends, doing the "Movie Hopping" with a couple of my kids, camping at the state park with some of my scouting friends or back yard barbecuing with the in-laws. All of the a fore mentioned are great to be doing but most require "time and planning" the two things I can not do, mainly because I'm working on location broadcasting live at the car lots. See, this is the time of year when the car dealers shell out their best deals to clear-out inventory for the up-coming next years models.Here is what I decided to do on such a short leash. Inspecting the bottom of a local pool.

Rudy At The Bottom Of The Dive Spot Pool
photo Rudy F.

I spent an hour and a half at the bottom of the dive spots pool. I checked it for cracks, bugs, leaves, lost treasures, UFO's and the mystical mermaids. I found absolutely nothing. However, I did discover that at ten feet below I could no longer hear my cell phone ringing, no text messages, no voice mail and the 105-plus degree temperatures were no longer a factor. In fact it was a perfect world for the time being. I thought I'd share a few photos to show you why I love scuba diving.

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