This is Texas and BBQ is a staple food. However, BBQ means lots of smoke and the Austin City Council is proposing a ban on BBQ smoke in some neighborhoods due to complaints.

I can see both sides of this argument. From the homeowners point of view, yes it does seeping into the house; you can't open your windows and the smoke gets into and stays in your furniture and rugs. Just think, when you stand next to a fire how your clothes and hair smell the next day. Also, for those with allergies, like myself, smoke is not an ideal thing to be around.

Now, for the businesses. This is how they make their living, and it is just part of the BBQ process. You can't BBQ without fire or smoke (well, not real BBQ anyway). So if you are in a more residential area what are you to do?

The Austin City Council has approved some preliminary restrictions but is also looking at different options. One such options is to have businesses smoke on limited days. Another option is to install expensive equipment to diffuse the smoke. This could be devastating to the smaller mom and pop shops and only larger, chain type establishments will be able to make it.

So what's the solution? Any ideas?

[source: KXAN-TV]