Arizona, New Mexico, Texas all have a problem with illegal aliens finding their way across the border from Mexico and causing problems here in the states.  However, the federal government hasn't seen fit to build a wall between the countries to help solve the problem.  Arizona has now come up with a great plan and it won't cost the federal government a penny.The state is working to set up a website to accept online donations and this fencing would be build using only those donations and would use minimum security prisoners as labor.  Labor from prisoners would only cost 50 cents an hour. That cuts the construction price significantly. This isn't the first time Arizona has used donations to fund a state project.   Right now Arizona is using donations to fund their court fees appealing the recent SB1070.  So far, that fund has raised almost $4million dollars.  This plan seems to have worked so far and I think if it eventually works for them then maybe Texas and New Mexico will follow suit.  I personally think this is a good idea.  These border states are the gateway for thousands of illegals and marijuana trafficking to come across every year and it's only getting worse as these people flee the hostel and dangerous environment of their native Mexico.**  I'm not unfeeling or cold hearted, if things were as bad here as they are there I would be wanting out as well.  However, there is a legal way of going about it and these people are not coming across legally.

If Arizona can get the website up and running as soon as they hope to this project could start within the next year.  We will watch and see and continue to follow this story.  So what do you think?  Would you support something like this here in Texas?  Would you donate to a project of this magnitude?

**The nearly 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border already has about 650 miles of fence of one type or another, nearly half of it in Arizona. The state's border is the busiest gateway for both illegal immigrants and marijuana smuggling.