As a father of five daughters, I know the importance of spending quality time with each of my little angels. As you've heard me say on the radio time and time again, "God blesses us with angels, and we must treat them the way God would treat them."

That stated, I believe the 26th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance is a great place to spend quality time together. This event has been scheduled to take place at the Taylor County Expo Center inside the newly refurbished Taylor County Coliseum.

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This year's dance is Hollywood-themed but you don't have to be famous to walk the red carpet. However, be aware that the mamarazzi will be crowding the red carpet area to capture photos of daddies and daughters.

This year's dance is being held at the Taylor County Coliseum on Saturday, February 3, 2024 from 7 pm to 9 pm. The dance is open to girls ages 3 to 13 years, and their dads or male role models. Each dad and daughter MUST be pre-registered to enter the dance. Registrations are not transferable.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to spend an evening with your daughter in Hollywood fashion. Tickets for the event are only $12 per person line at This event is put on by the City of Abilene Parks and Recreation division. Have questions or need more information, contact the City of Abilene at 325-676-6217.

A word to the wise, this event has sold out in the past so order your tickets early. Then don your best Hollywood attire and get ready to walk the red carpet with that little angel by your side. See the fun had by dads and daughters at a past dance, in the Abilene Reporter-News video below.

This is a daddy-daughter-only event.

Photo by: Facebook / City of Abilene Parks and Recreation
Photo by: Facebook / City of Abilene Parks and Recreation

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