It's back! The ACU Frater Sodalis social club invite you, to their Haunted Island. I believe this island is pretty scary even without all the 'haunted house shenanigans' going on. The 'Frats Haunted Island' is only open for a very short period. Check it out.



ACU Frater Sodalis Presents "Frats Haunted Island"


Dates and Times

  • Oct. 23rd - 25th
  • Oct. 29th - 31st
  • Open 7:30 PM - Midnight


  • Adults $10.00
  • Kids 12 and under $5.00

More Info

  • Entry fee is cash only
  • All tickets are sold on sight.
  • Children under age eight are not permitted
  • For more info. call Mathew Solomon at 512-373-2732.

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