While Abilene has its fair share of people who participate in "trashing Abilene" and or not to mention dumping unwanted garbage in our city, which is highly illegal in Texas. Abilene, for the most part, is a pretty clean city.

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Here Are Abilenes Five Trashiest Places Use Them Wisely

LOOK: Abilene Has Some Awesome Recycle and Waste Centers

Earlier this year, the City of Abilene had stopped recycling cardboard. It was mainly because the company that was contracted to be picking up the recyclable cardboard and paper waste stopped accepting any more.

Recently the City of Abilene announced that they have reinstated cardboard recycling to reduce landfill waste. The cardboard in the big green bins is being recycled once again.

Assistant city manager, Michael Rice, says “There's a huge desire by the population to be involved with recycling. You hear about it everywhere. It's actually good for both the environment and it's also good for the city.”

That's why I believe the City of Abilene does a great job at trying to 'Keep Abilene Beautiful'. In trying to do so, Abilene's City leaders introduced some places where "dumping legally" can be done.

It's called the 'Citizen's Convenience Center' and the best part is, that it's free (to Abilene residents only you must bring your picture I.D. and a recent water bill as proof). If you ain't from here, don't even think of trashing our city.

To find out how and when the City of Abilene will be hosting "Amnesty Days" for such waste as vehicle tires, paint, liquid chemicals, batteries, and more, just reach out to Abilene's Waste Management.

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