Enjoy family fun at the Abilene Zoo every Thursday night through August. You can enjoy the zoo and it's amazing wildlife during the cooler evening temps.

During the Summer months not only is it hot for you to walk around and spend the day at the zoo but the animals feel it too. Sometimes, in fact, it's too hot for the animals to even be on display. Other times they are hidden under the shade taking a nap.

Take advantage of the cooler evenings and longer daylight hours with Sunset Safari Nights at the Abilene Zoo. The zoo extents hours until 9pm every Thursday through August just so you and the animals can enjoy the evening together.

Plus, be sure to check out the newest attractions: baby giraffes, the giant anteater, a spiny leaf turtle, blue Duiker antelope calf, and baby howler monkey and the Nakuru Lagoon.

Ticket information and more details can be found on the zoo website.

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