Okay, for all newcomers, we here in Abilene have some street names that are not pronounced the way they are spelled. If you want to sound like you belong in the Key City take notes as to "Street Name Pronunciation."

First off in the early days of Abilene when the forefathers were just settling into the area and began giving Abilene its first street names, those fellows were kind of trying to keep it simple back in the late 1800s.

10 Abilene Street Names That Are Hard To Say

They started with streets running east and west that were given a number name beginning with the "First Street" that runs parallel to the railroad track (thus the reason for settling in Abilene) the end of the Chisholm Trail. Then they decided to name the rest of the city streets that ran north and south they were given simple "tree names" like
Mesquite, Walnut, Pine, Ash, Plum, and so forth.

As Abilene settled on the "South Side" of the tracks, those early settlers kept the east-west street names going in the same number in vain. South First, South Second, South Third, and so on. As for the north and south running streets, the same applied there, with more tree names like Oak, Peach, and Pecan.

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Today's street names have gone a little fancy on us with street names not even some West Texans can pronounce. I've come across some streets like "Bois D' Arc" If you didn't know how to pronounce and or spell it, you might not be able to find it.

Check out the photo gallery above on the 10 street names that confuse people. Did we miss any? Please let me know.

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