It's been fairly obvious that any time Abilene makes any form of national news, it's never a good thing.

Well, it looks like Abilene is back in the news, but it's not a bad look for us. As a matter of fact, Abilene got a little shout-out from TMZ in an article about buffet restaurants adapting to new conditions due to Covid-19.

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While we've all been hit pretty hard, during these times, buffet-style restaurants are having to (probably) adjust more than others. Makes sense as all of the food out in the open with a slight sneeze guard being the only cover.

So, how do these restaurants continue to serve up their food while keeping the customers and staff safe?

Where does Abilene fit in with this story on TMZ? Well, it has to do with our local Golden Corral restaurant.

Golden Corral says it's serving guests cafeteria-style, with cooks loading up customers' plates with as much grub as they desire. The new service model eliminates the need for guests to touch utensils.

A rep tells us GC is also serving "family-style" meals, where large platters of food are delivered to guests sitting at their table ... a stark contrast from the golden age of Golden Corral. [TMZ]

Golden Corral Abilene/Facebook
Golden Corral Abilene/Facebook

My friend, Jared, actually turned me on to this article and I'm glad he did. I never think of Golden Corral when I go out to eat, but now I will. Also, it's awesome hear that they're doing everything possible to ensure the safety of the customers and staff. Way to go, Golden Corral.

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