In West Texas rain and water are always in short supply, so when I heard that a xeriscape seminar is coming back (I missed it last year) to the Abilene Public Library, you got my undivided attention. Xeriscaping is a method of landscaping and/or gardening that uses water-saving and/or waterless, drought-resistant plants that are native to West Texas. The most important thing to remember is learning what plants are best for xeriscaping and what plants are water hogs.

In West Texas the hot and dry environment takes it's toll on plants, shrubs and trees. Last years drought killed off about two thirds of the new pecan trees in nursery's across the Lonestar State (and the pecan tree prices have nearly tripled). Xeriscaping conserves water resources and reduces the need for pesticides and fertilizers because the plants have a natural resistance to pests and thrive in the familiar soils and usual rainfall tables. Although a xeriscaped garden takes planning and work to get it off the ground, you'll also find it requires less maintenance than a traditional landscape once all the plants are in place.

To learn which plant, shrubs and trees are xeriscape friendly, sign up for the Abilene Public Library's Xeriscape Gardening seminar by Master Gardeners Kathy Feagan and Audrey Gillespie. Let them show you how to achieve a xeriscaped vegetable and/or beautiful flower garden with minimum watering.



Xeriscape Gardening Seminar

Date and Times

Tuesday, February 26, 2013. Seminar begins at 6:30 P.M.


Abilene Public Library Auditorium, 202 Cedar Abilene TX. 79601


Library Information Services Manager, Janis Test at (325) 677-2474



More Info.

Space is limited so early sign is advised. It doesn't matter if you're garden experienced or a novice the hosts will guide you through the best Texas durable foliage. No materials are required at this time. Please contact, Janis Test at (325) 677-2474.

 "How To" videos to help you get an early jump on spring



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