Every Saturday and Sunday growing up in "Casa Fernandez" was amazing. From the minute you opened your eyes your nose was greeted with the scent of wonderful Mexican food coming from the kitchen. My mother never bought tortillas in a plastic bag; she made them, as she did all the food I grew up with.

This past weekend I was missing my mom and craving her world-famous huevos con chorizo burritos for breakfast. There is an art to making huevos con chorizo. While most cook the eggs and chorizo together, that was never the case at Casa Fernandez.

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One thing I learned from my mother is that the chorizo has to be cooked thoroughly in a skillet by itself. This past weekend I went looking to find eggs and chorizo burritos, and was shocked to learn that after 2pm in Abilene, they, for the most part, do not exist.

My wife and I drove all over town from one Mexican food restaurant to another only to discover that the majority of them were either closed, or the open ones did not make any huevos con chorizo after 2 pm. Just as I was giving up my wife said try that taco bar down the road.

Lo and behold this place called Fuzzy's Taco Shop makes huevos con chorizo all day, every day. I could choose whether I wanted them in a taco or burrito, so I ended up ordering one of each.

I do think it's sad that a city like ours, which has nearly three dozen Mexican food restaurants and several food trucks, does not have but a couple restaurants making basic Mexican breakfast food after 2 pm. I've got plans for next weekend to teach my wife and daughters how to make a basic huevos con chorizo. They're good for dinner too.

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