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Abilene, get ready to celebrate National Rescue A Dog Day, on Friday, May 20, 2022, from 3 PM till 7:00 PM. We will be joining forces with the Abilene Animal Shelter, Pam's Pets, Animal Health and Medical Center, and volunteers from the All Kind animal rescue group as we will be hosting a rescue dog adoption.

To Celebrate National Rescue a Dog Day the adoption fee will be $20 and will include the identification microchip, flea and tick dipped, all vaccinations needed, and a voucher to have your newly adopted fur-baby spayed or neutered.

Plus, Pam's Pets professionals will be on hand to offer advice on how and what to feed, bedding, and the many different ways to better raise your newly adopted pet. While Abilene Animal Health and Medical Center will be available (by appointment) to have your dog checked out, vaccinated, and or spayed or neutered.

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Now, according to the ASPCA, over 3-million dogs are put into animal shelters across the United States every year. As we've experienced here in Abilene recently at our own Animal Shelter the overcrowding. Plus the fact that there was a week-long ban on owner-surrendered pets because of the lack of space at our shelter.

What we need is responsible pet owners to come out and adopt one of these adorable canines. Please come out and join us for some fun and adopt A dog during the #NationalRescueDogDay.

We'll see you on Friday, May 20th from 3 till 7 PM at the Pams Pets parking lot 3366 North 1st Street for the city-wide Dog Rescue. In addition, the Dad's Ice Cream food truck will be joining us as well. Get ready to open up your hearts and let one of these cute, lovable, abandoned 4-legged fur babies into your life.

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