This past weekend was quite enjoyable with all the snow that fell, so we asked our listeners to send in some of their favorite snow photos.

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While heavy snow disrupts our daily activities, like school and work, it also gives us a chance to disconnect from social media, and the news, for a day of snow men and snow angels.

Heck, when I ventured out on Sunday, for breakfast, I saw a few people enjoying the snow by doing donuts in various empty parking lots. There's a good chance I did the same. Then again, maybe I didn't. We'll never know.

A combination of treated roads and temperatures above freezing also made it more enjoyable as it wasn't slick when out and about.

Speaking of treated roads, a hat tip to those that worked tirelessly to keep our roads safe to drive. Also, kudos to the linemen and first responders who worked through this winter weather to keep us safe and with power.

My coworkers say they received around 5 inches of snow at their homes, while we received around 7 at mine. Even between 5 and 7 inches, it's far from the snowiest day we've had in Abilene. That recognition goes to Easter of 1996 where the Abilene area was dumped with 9.3 inches of snow. From what I remember about that snow storm, we weren't really expecting much snow, if any at all.

While we didn't have a white Christmas, we did kick off 2021 with a bang and judging by all of the photos, in the gallery below, everyone enjoyed what Mother Nature brought us.

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